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Our meals are available 7 days per week but meals can be ordered on an as and when basis. There are no contracts to sign and there is no minimum requirement for the number of meals to be ordered.


The meals are delivered hot, between 12.00 - 2.00, and we plate them up for you on your own plate. Or if you prefer to eat your meal later, we can also deliver a cold version, plated and freshly prepared that morning, which you can then re-heat and eat whenever is most suitable for you.



We make our meals from only the very finest ingredients, which we source locally wherever possible.


We not only make sure all of our meals are nutritionally sound, but also make  sure they are super tasty and filling as well.


We then deliver our meals to your door while still hot, plate it up for you and make sure you have a nice hot cup of tea to go with it.



We use the Freshest Local Ingredients

We Serve it to you Hot on your own plate

Do you know of any elderly people who cannot get out, or who cannot cook for themselves or simply no longer cook for themselves?


Do you have a loved one you worry about? Maybe they are not eating properly and you have too much on with work and children to cook for them? Maybe you live a distance away from them and you only get to visit on the weekend?


Freshway provides meals on wheels in people’s homes in the Tendring Area. We cook fresh meals on a daily basis; we then deliver them hot to the customer.



Let Freshway take the strain out your Mealtimes

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